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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 10:55

Training Workshop On Value Chain Approach In Fisheries (Date: 18-22 July), Suriname.

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Update #1

Update #2

Information Note

Final Workshop Programme

Opening Ceremony Programme

Guidelines for preparation of Exercise 1

Guidelines for Exercise 2




Fish Market and Marketing

UNU-FTP and CRFM Cooperation 2005-2016

Importance of Fisheries Sector including Trade in Fish & Seafood

 Day 2

Fish Processing, Product Development and Utilization

Development of the Icelandic Value Chain

Supply Demand and Price Determination

Theories of Value Chains

Smoked Bonito Value Chain

Day 3

Evaluating and developing a Market-driven value chain 

Day 4

Value  Chain Analysis

Tilapia Case Study in Trinidad and Tobago

 Day 5

Comparison of Value Chain Performance


Resource Document

Below is the Links to the documents:

1.  FARNET Adding Value To Local Fisheries Guide-3 (EN)

2.   Value Chain Handbook

3.   Value Chain Analysis Of The Artisanal Fisheries Mauritius

4.    Value Chain Analysis Methodologies

5.    Revised Value Chain Approaches In Fisheries Planning (Policy_Brief)

6.    Value Chain Dynamics And The Small Scale Sector

 7.   ACP Manual On Value Chain Analysis And Promotion (Part 1)

8.    Caribbean Roots And Tubers VCA Manual September 2015.

9.    CTA FAO Caribbean Value Chain Analysis Case Studies 2014

10.   Fish Value Chain Myanmar 2015

11.   Iton Moonsammy And Marine Choice Of Place Fish Buying 2015

12.   Lem IIFAT ValueChain Article

13.   Manual SA-4.1-B20.1-39 MAURITIUS

14.   Value Chain Analysis Malawi

15.   ACP Manual On Value Chain Analysis And Promotion Part-1

16.   ACP Manual On Value Chain Analysis And Promotion Part-2

17.   Agricultural Value Chain Guide For The Pacific Island

18.   Promoting Regional Trade and Agribusiness Development in the Caribbean: Case Studies on Linking Fisheries To Tourism-Related market

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