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Agreement Establishing the CRFM

The States Parties

Convinced of the need to promote sustainable use of the living marine and other aquatic resources by the development, efficient management and conservation of such resources;

Convinced further of the intrinsic and non-extractive value and interdependence of the living marine and other aquatic resources;

Acknowledging that under international law, coastal States have sovereign rights for the purpose of exploring, exploiting, conserving and managing the living and non-living resources of their exclusive economic zones and their fisheries zones;

Conscious that certain of the living marine resources which are of interest to the peoples of the Caribbean Region are highly migratory, straddle national boundaries and are harvested by third

Recognising that the unsustainable exploitation of the living marine and other aquatic resources can lead to irreparable damage to those resources;

Noting that there are international institutions, bodies and competent organisations, the policies and programmes of which may be relevant to the living marine and other aquatic resources of interest to Member States;

Recognising further the need for co-operation and consultation among all the States Parties to this Agreement, third States, interested international institutions and bodies involved in fisheries in the Caribbean Region;

Recognising also the need of the States Parties for specific assistance including financial, scientific and technological assistance in the area of fisheries management, development, conservation and sustainable use;

Aware of the relevant provisions of the Third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982); the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (1995); the Agreement to promote Compliance with International Conservation and Management Measures by Fishing Vessels on the High Seas (1993); the United Nations Agreement on Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks (1995); Sustainable Development of the Programme of Action for Small Island Developing States (1994), and the Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife in the Wider Caribbean (1990);

Noting further Resolution 54/225 of the United Nations General Assembly, dated 15 February 2000 on Promoting an Integrated Management Approach to the Caribbean Sea area in the context of sustainable development;

Convinced that this Agreement will serve to enhance co-operation in the area of fisheries among States Parties and interested third parties, thereby contributing to the general well-being of the peoples of the Caribbean Region;

Bearing in mind the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (2001) Establishing the Caribbean Community including the CARICOM Single Market and Economy,

Have agreed as follows:

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