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Sherlene Audinett

Sherlene Audinett

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 15:34

SPS Project Document

Date  Author  Title
2017 Dr. Andre Gordon Accessing International Markets - Challenges & Opportunities from a Caribbean Perspective (Presentation prepared for 10th EDF SPS Project - Final Conference and Symposium, 23 February 2017, Barbados)
2017 Basil Mathioudakis Overview of EU Food Regulations and Imported Requirements (Presentation)
2017 Brian Bedard An Overview - Market Requirements (presentation)
2017 Ian Goulding Cost  Benefit Analysis & Impact of Compliance and Non-compliance with Sanitary and Phytosanitary requirement for CARIFORUM Countries - (Presentation)
2017 Ian McDonnel The Impact of Private Standard on CARIFORUM Countries - Final Report (Presentation)
 2017 IICA  Cost  Benefit Analysis & Impact of Compliance and Non-compliance with Sanitary and Phytosanitary requirement for CARIFORUM Countries - Final Report
 2017  IICA Pest Management Operators Training Manual
2017 IICA  Study on Impact of Private Standards on CARIFORUM Countries - Final Report
 2017 IICA  WTO Agreement on the Application of SPS Measures (Flyer)
2017 IICA Agricultural Health & Foo Safety (AHFS) (Flyer)
2017 IICA  SPS Infographic
 2017 IICA  Final Technical Report - Capacity Building of regulatory and industry stakeholders in Aquaculture and Fisheries Health and Food Safety to meet the SPS requirements of international trade
 2016 CRFM  Report of the Training Course on SPS in Fisheries and Aquaculture
 2016 CRFM  Extension of Deadline - Call for Expression of Interest (EOI): Capacity Building of stakeholders in Aquaculture &Fisheries Health and Food Safety for international trade
 2016  CRFM Extension of Deadline - Call for Expression of Interest (EOI): Call for Expression of Interest (EOI): Support to promote adoption of comprehensive legislation for health & food safety of fisheries & aquaculture in the Caribbean
2015 CRFM Final Technical Report - Tecnical Support to develop National and Regional environmental monitoring programmes related to SPS for fishery and aquaculture products in CARIFORUM States. CRFM Technical and Advisory Document 2015 / 06.
2015 CRFM  Final Technical Report - Technical Support to develop model legislation, protocols, guidelines for health and food safety related to fisheries and aquaculture in CARIFORUM States. CRFM Technica l and Advisory Document 2015/07.
 2015 CRFM  Report of the Regional Validation Workshop for the Fisheries Component of the 10th EDF Sanitary and Phytosantitary Measures project. CRFM Technical and and Advisory Document 2015 / 8.
2015 CRFM CRFM SPS Legislative and Environmental Monitoring Media CoverageCRFM Administrative Report.
2015 CRFM CRFM Feature: Caribbean Fishing Industry moves to close food safety gaps, expand markets
2015 CRFM SPS Fact Sheet # 2
2015 CRFM How to Handle... Safe Seafood Standards
2014 CRFM
SPS Programme : Positioning CARIFORUM to Fish Where the Big Fish Are
2013 CRFM SPS Project Document- Description of the Action
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ACP Fish II Outputs

Date___. Author___. Title
2013 CRFM Final Technical Manual: "Improving Business Acumen in Fisher Cooperatives in Saint Lucia, Caribbean"
2013 CRFM Training Manual:"Improving Business Acumen in Fisher Cooperatives in Saint Lucia, Caribbean"
2013 CRFM Regional Strategy on Monitoring, Control and Surveillance to Combat IUU Fishing in the CARICOM/CARIFORUM Region
2013 CRFM Prosecution and Enforcement Manuals for CARIFORUM Member States - Volume 1 Fisheries Prosecution Manual
2013 CRFM Prosecution and Enforcement Manuals for CARIFORUM Member States - Volume 2 Fisheries Enforcement Standars Operating Procedures Manual
2013 CRFM Prosecution and Enforcement Manuals for CARIFORUM Member States- Regional Workshop Report
2012 CRFM Strategic Assessment of Aquaculture Potential in Haiti, 2012
2012 CRFM Elaboration of an Aquaculture Development Strategy for St. Kitts and Nevis
2012 CRFM The Dominican Republic: A National Strategy for the Fisheries Sector (English and Spanish)
2012 CRFM Training of the Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organizations in EAF and Climate Change, Bird Rock Beach Hotel, St. Kitts and Nevis, October 16-19 2012 (Workshop)
2012 CRFM Training Modules in Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries, Climate Change and Communication for Fisherfolk in the Caribbean
2012 CRFM Training in EAF and Climate Change for the Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organizations
2011 CRFM Raising Public Awareness for Fisheries Management: Saint Lucia
2011 CRFM Finalizing the Caribbean Common Fisheries Policy
2011  CRFM  Data Conversion and Organization Project
2018 Sieion Richardson Sustainable Management of Guyana's Seabob (Xiphopenaeus Kroyeri) Trawl Fishery
2015 Larique Hackshaw Evaluating and developing a market-driven value chain that provides high quality fresh fish products for the local market in Antigua and Barbuda
2014 Cylena Andrews  
2014 Kimberly Cooke-Panton An Analysis of Puerulus settlement of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) stock in Jamaica with Practical Management Recommendations
2014 Jullan Defoe Development and Application of Quality Index Method Scheme for fresh farmed Atlantic Salmon (salmo salar) Fillets and Wholefish
2013 Lucine Edwards  
2012 Alisa Martin Conservation of Fresh Golden Redfish (Sebastes Marinus) Fillets: Influence of Bleeding, Modified Atmosphere Packing Using Different Gas Mixtures and Superchilling on Quality Deterioration
2012 Tricia Lovell Towards a Management Plan for Antigua and Barbuda’s Queen Conch Fishery: A Co-management Approach
2012 Murielle Felix Supply Chain Analysis for Fresh Seafood in Haiti
2011  Netty Martowitono Efficiency of Cleaning and Disinfection on Fish Contact Surfaces
2011 Yvonne Edwin An Appraisal of the Fisheries Data Collection System in Saint Lucia
2011  Stay-Ann Gray An Economic & Production Assessment Model for Ornamental Fish Production in Jamica
2010 Ricardo A. Morris A Bioeconomic Analysis of the Jamaican Industrial Spiny Lobster (Panulirus Argus) Fishery
2010 Rolerick H. Sobers Bioeconomic Analysis of the Flyingfish Fishery in Barbados
2009 Anginette O. Martin-Murray The Use of Production Models and Length Frequwncy Data in Stock Assessments in Jamaica Fisheries, Building on the Caribbean Spiny Lobster Onservations
2009 Mauro Gongora Assessment of the Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) of Belize based on Fishery-Depaendent Data
2009 Maren Hedley Harvesting of Flying in the Eastern Caribbean: A Bioeconomic Perspective
2007 June Masters-Gordon The use of surplus production models and length frequency data in stock assessment: Explorations using Greenland Halibut Observations
2007  Dawn M. A. Maison Management of Inshore Artisanal Fisheries in Guyana: A Co-management Approach


The Fisherfolk of Bottle and Glass village in Barrouallie, St. Vincent and the Grenadines will soon be able to catch more fish, faster than before and using less gas. This will be made possible by the placing of ‘shelters’ called Fish Aggregating Devices or FADs in the ocean. Fish are attracted to these floating structures or FADs and as they gather around them, the fishermen would find it easier to catch them. Fish that can be caught around FADs include mahi mahi, wahoo, marlin, swordfish, skipjacks, dolphin and tuna.

The FADs are being developed and placed by the Caribbean Fisheries Comanagement (CARIFICO) Project which is being funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in partnership with the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and the Fisheries Division in the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Transformation, Forestry, Fisheries and Industry.

On Thursday, 3rd April 2014, a Fishers Consultation was held at the Barrouallie Fisheries Centre with a team of stakeholders as well as Japanese experts Mr. Nariaki Mikuni and Mr. Mitsuhiro Ishida. Mr. Travon Ferary, Fisheries Assistant, welcomed the group of about twelve fishermen and introduced Mr. Ishida who made a presentation on the construction of the FAD, materials to be used and methods of deployment, illustrated by colour photographs and diagrams. He emphasized the importance of choosing a good location and depth to place the FAD; where the maximum amount of fish would gather.

The fishermen requested assistance from the Fisheries Division in choosing the best site and arrangements were made for staff to accompany the fishermen out to sea the following day.  Interest in the Project is low at present, but it is hoped that the fishers who were present at the meeting would spread the word about the benefits of using a FAD. In his remarks, Mr. Mikuni appealed to the fishermen to encourage their friends to participate in the Project because the FAD will belong to them and would benefit the entire fishing community, bring more income and a better way of life for the fishers and their families.

In conclusion, the local fishermen were advised to work along with Mr. Shamal Connell, the CARIFICO Liaison Officer for the west coast and in a spirit of unity for the success of the CARIFICO Project in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 


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